Workout Tips for Men and Women

Yay! You’ve decided to finally take a kettle bell in both hands and make it a habit!

We’ve got THE best workout tips how you can keep a confident and healthy summer bod all throughout the year!


Tip 1. 6-pack Experiment

Muscles don’t grow during exercise, but in between breaks. It takes almost 48 hours for fibers to increase the cross-section.

If you work 4 to 5 times a week, you should split your training into muscle groups in order to properly load yourself.

This way, you can train effectively without training the same muscle group on two consecutive days and the regeneration is missed.

Successful abdominal exercises depend on the quality of the execution. Give yourself at least three to four full seconds per repetition.

Tip: Stop the movement at the highest voltage point for one second – this will activate extra muscle fibers.

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Tip 2. Washboard Abs

Strength training provides a foundation through which the center of the body is particularly well presented. It’s important to rely on your strength.

First-time gym beginners should train on power machines to get a feel for the movements and to build a certain muscle matrix.

While advanced trainers should free dumbbells to not train the muscles in isolation.

Muscles burn fat, about 100 calories per day per pound. Complete your exercises each time and don’t cheat yourself.

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Tip 3. The Biceps Workout

For a well-balanced arm workout, you have to be careful in putting the muscles in as many different angles as possible, with different aids, intensities and repetition numbers.

Your angle is important.

Depending on the training stage, the trainer should do four to seven exercises for biceps and triceps.

Then add or replace exercises wherever necessary.


Tip 4. The Boxing Challenge

If you are not the classic endurance athlete, but you want to improve your condition, try boxing.

Boxing improves the stamina while playing or doing other sports.

Over time, when you are doing the same routines every day it becomes monotonous and boring.

When you add boxing in your workout, you’ll train extensively and will be guaranteed not to feel you’re not doing enough. No other sport burns more calories in such a short time.

A 36sqm floor space is enough to achieve top fitness. Just add a skipping rope, boxing gloves and a sandbag and off you go.

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Tip 5. Find your training partner

Joint training motivates a person to persevere.

With your partner’s input you can expand your workout, or explore new things.

Working out alone may get boring sometimes. Make new friends at basketball, football or volleyball.


Tip 6. Increase stamina and muscle mass

Some basic rules need to be considered when you want to achieve your desired goal in endurance and weight loss.

The most important training principle is to challenge your body regularly.

Increase your stamina and intensify your metabolism. And in order to have long-term success in weight loss, you need to train regularly, at least twice a week.

Three to four times a week is even better. In this way your endurance training will sustain your weight loss goals.

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Tip 7. Fat Belly Project

Whether it is slimming down or building up muscles, your goals can only be achieved by maintaining a workout cycle.

For example, 3:1 cycle. Three weeks of intense workout then one week of regeneration.

The burden distribution is as follows: 80% in the first, 90% in the second, 100% in the third, 50% in the fourth regeneration week.

Month to month you will increase the intensity and/or scope.

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Tip 8. Weight Loss Coach

Inform your colleagues and friends about your workout project.

Let them know your goals and how much you have achieved.

You will be inclined to continue your workout because many people will be holding your accountable and you can use this to motivate yourself further.

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Tip 9. Train your Center

Every athletic achievement begins with the center of the body being stable and strong.

The center of the body does not only provide stability but also mobility.

One cannot go without the other: no shot, no kick-off without being able to stabilize the body.

It is extremely important that both sides of the body are trained the same. This is not about being able to shoot equally well with left and right. Left and right side of the body have to be equally strong, equally mobile.


Tip 10. The Workout Tunes

Music in sports makes one 20% more efficient.

Movement sequences such as walking or weight lifting must match the tempo of the music and in a way that the music tempo is always a tad faster, this will give more push effect.




Tip 11. Add Variety

To keep stimulating your muscles, choose one exercise for the same muscle group each week from your exercise program and replace it with another.

This ensures that every muscle fibers are optimally stressed, but also brings variety into the workout.





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