Kids Nutrition: What DO They Need?

On average, children are adequately supplied with the most vitamins and minerals.

Hence, additional vitamins are NOT necessary IF your kids are getting ALL their nutrient needs from food.

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Additionally, children’s metabolism is faster than adults, because they move a lot more.

That’s why they need more energy or calories per kilogram of body weight than adults.

However, due to bad eating habits, access to healthy foods in school and other places, and lack of activity pose a problem.

For instance, kids don’t always eat what is recommended.

Sweetened drinks, fast food, junk foods are more appealing than fruits and vegetables.

Many parents sometimes worry whether their kids are getting enough vitamins or they’re just going through a growth spurt.

For proper growth and development, children need vitamins, minerals and trace elements which come from a colorful and healthy mix of natural and fresh foods.


Essential Vitamins for Kids

Vitamins are compounds that every body needs for important bodily functions.

But because the body cannot produce certain substances on its own in most cases, these need to be taken from food.

We have put together a list of essential vitamins your child would need for a healthy and balanced diet.


Vitamin A

If your child has little or no appetite at all, is often very tired, has dry skin, hair, nails or  has an impaired sense of smell and touch, he or she may have a vitamin A deficiency.

Children need a lot of vitamin A because their bodies can only store small amounts of it.

Vitamin A is important for:

  • skin and mucous membranes
  • the formation of new blood cells
  • protein metabolism
  • proper eyesight
  • the nerve cells in the nervous system, spinal cord and brain
  • the healthy development of the nervous system of embryos

Sources of Vitamin A:

  • deep yellow to orange fruits and vegetables like oranges and carrots
  • dark, leafy green vegetables like broccoli and spinach
  • milk fortified with vitamin A


Recommended Daily Nutrition Needs of Children

Be big and strong–that’s what most children want. But as parents, seeing your kids healthy and happy is what’s most important.

To further help you with your kid’s nutritional needs, here’s a guide:

The nutritional needs of each child is different and the information we’ve provided in this article should only be used as a guide NOT a replacement for professional medical advice.

To best know the vitamin needs and recommended doses for your child, consult your pediatrician.

Key Takeaways

Your child’s body needs consistent amounts of vitamins for growth and development.

However, the body cannot produce these vitamins. Therefore, children need a diet composed of different fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy.

At the same time, getting 8 hours of sleep or more and moving regularly in the fresh air are all necessary to promote healthy blood flow and brain function.

You don’t necessarily have to give supplements to your kids if you know they are getting all the vitamins from food.

But it won’t hurt either if you let your child take them.

Do your kids take vitamin supplements?

Do they have preferred foods they can’t live without?

What do you do to make them eat their greens?

Please share your food experiences, thoughts and nightmares with your kids on the comments below!


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