Prescription and OTC Diet Pills 

The weight loss industry provides a range of different weight loss drugs—from fat burner pills to carb blockers to chemical and natural appetite suppressants. 

So far, appetite suppressants are the most promising way to lose weight. But the risk of becoming weak and giving in to cravings remain. 

Many diets fail to succeed because it’s very difficult to curb cravings. Especially when it’s convenient and more appealing to snack on sweet, salty and greasy foods.  

Unfortunately, these are to blame for the extra pounds. If you’ve always been on a diet, you know how the unwanted yo-yo effect works. 

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What are appetite suppressants? 

Appetite suppressants helps curb appetite and cravings. They are used to support weight loss and provides a longer satiety effect.  

Weight loss products like these often come in tablet form but they are also available in powder.  

There are chemical and natural appetite suppressants 

Chemical appetite suppressants target the brain while natural suppressants contain a swelling substance and cause the feeling of satiety in the stomach 

Appetite suppressants can help overweight people in their diet by inhibiting appetite which leads to a reduced food intake.  

Plant-based appetite suppressants usually cause no side effects. But chemical diet pills are otherwise 

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Different Appetite Suppressants and their Effects 

If you want to lose weight and support it with appetite suppressants, there are several options.  

Here is a summary of the different appetite suppressants for you. 

Chemical substances 

Never take chemical appetite suppressants over a long period of time. They are addictive and unhealthy. 

Qsymia by Vivus Inc.

Side effects range from high blood pressure to heart valve damage. 

Chemical appetite suppressants such as norephedrine, phentermine, sibutramine or aminorex should only be taken upon advise of your doctor.  

The weight-reducing function of prescription appetite suppressants is based on the chemical control of the hunger center in the brain. 

Originally, these agents were used as anti-depressants. They are also used as doping agents because they are performance enhancing and stimulate the release of serotonin.  

Consequently, they make you happier and more efficient. 

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Natural substances  

Allysian FIT
FIT by Allysian Sciences

Natural appetite suppressants cause a feeling of satiety by swelling. 

The plant appetite suppressants are available without prescription, unlike chemical capsules and powders.  

Their ingredients are indigestible fiber and swelling agents which create a fullness in the stomach thus reducing the feeling of hunger. 

The benefit of losing weight with natural-based tablets is that the ingredients are also found in commercial foods. 

Even if these are made from natural swelling substances, please note that a proper administration is recommended.  

In addition, the appetite suppressants should always be taken with lots of liquid otherwise it may cause indigestion. 

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When Should You Use Appetite Suppressants?  

A healthy diet combined with appetite suppressants should only be done under medical supervision.  

Your doctor will calculate your BMI or body mass index to determine if you are overweight.

BMI is calculated by taking your height and weight. The ideal BMI for women is 19 to 25. If you go beyond this range, you are considered overweight.  

The waist-hip ratio (WHR) is also an indicator of your physical condition. The hip and abdominal circumference can help determine your risk of developing serious health diseases.  

You can calculate your WHR by taking your hip and waist measurements and dividing them together: W÷H=WHR 

Often there is an abuse of appetite suppressants. People either use these pills too long or normal weight people with eating disorders use these to lose more weight. 

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What to Look for When Buying Appetite Suppressants 

Before you buy any appetite suppressant, do your diligence first.  

Since the market for a diet with pills is very large and there are different types, categories and manufacturers of appetite suppressants  

Be sure to pay attention to the ingredients when buying appetite suppressants.   

Many times, various appetite suppressant tests have revealed substances that were not natural. 

Buy only from reputable suppliers. A glance at the imprint of the website provides information about the company headquarters.  

Also, you need to decide whether to take powder or pill form.  Capsules appear to be less complicated and don’t need preparation.  

Contrary to psyllium husk powder, which you need to mix with water.  

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Foods that Curb Hunger 

If you are undecided which suppressant to take or if you need to take at all, you can try to suppress hunger with actual food.  

These are some foods that will help you lose weight  

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You may have noticed the effect of brushing your teeth. After brushing, you lose appetite.  

Mint reduces the cravings. Include peppermint teas, mint sweets or chewing gum in your diet to lose weight. 


Legumes are good for diet because they fill you up for a long time. They have a similar swelling effect in the stomach as natural appetite suppressants.  

Good sources are lentils, chickpeas or beans. 


Because of its sweet and spicy aroma and essential oils, ginger stimulates digestion and has an appetite-inhibiting effect. 

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4Green tea  

Drinking lots of green tea is always good for weight loss. The bitter substances reduce the desire for sweets and stimulate the metabolism. 


Potatoes contain lots of water and fiber. It’s low in calorie, provides a lot of energy and high in protein which makes it an essential food when losing weight.

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Choose Wisely 

Basically, appetite suppressants alone are no guarantee for the success of a diet.  

Healthy eating and regular exercise should always be included in any weight loss plan.  

Appetite suppressants may be helpful if administered properly. But know these products first before making any purchases. 

To recap: 

Prescription appetite suppressants affect the hunger satiety center in the brain. These are only available in pharmacies with a prescription. 

Chemical appetite suppressants have many side effects and can be addictive because of the mood-enhancing effects. 

Over-the-counter or natural appetite suppressants have substances that fill the stomach but are low in calories. When used correctly, they don’t have any side effects. 

So, which do you think you need? Or do you need diet pills at all?

Or can you do without these and lose weight with exercise?

Let us know what works for you!

Good luck on your weight loss journey!




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