Lose Those Calories in No Time

In recent studies, an intense 5-minute workout is what you need to stimulate fat burning for the entire day.

So, you’ve consumed 300 calories in a short amount of time?

Well, you can change your training technique and incorporate a short but sweaty workout–and do them regularly!

That’s it! Fat burned!

If you really want to burn fat fast but have no time for a quick exercise in your daily busy schedule, then here’s what you can do!

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1. Tabata workout

This training is a high-intensity workout that stimulates metabolism in just a short time.

These are body weight exercises such as push-ups, burpees, squats, and sit-ups.

Do these exercises for 20 seconds at maximum intensity followed by a 10-second break then repeat 8 times.

Studies have shown that 30 minutes of training boosts the fat burning significantly.

Tabata training burns 15 calories a minute, or about 400 calories in half an hour.

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2. Interval Runs

The body needs different stress stimuli to become stronger and more powerful.

Interval runs are perfect for this.

After your intense workout, run a few minutes then switch to sprinting after two minutes.

Interval training is the change between stress and recovery phases. It can easily be incorporated into your cycling and swimming training, by just simply raising the intensity in between.

However, fat burning is highest when running.

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3. Hill Workouts

Hill workouts are the right way to build resistance.

Uphill training burns about 10% more calories from stress on all muscle fibers than walking on a flat surface.

Furthermore, fat burning is increased when more force is used.

Uphill runners need to lift their knees more, thus more muscle fibers are targeted.

Whether you like to run, walk or cycle, you can incorporate uphill training in your exercise routine.

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4. Jump Rope

Skipping sounds like a fun, recreational activity.

What many of us don’t know is there is hardly any exercise that drives the heart rate as high as jumping rope.

Jumping rope strengthens the upper and lower body and burns many calories in a short time.

This type of endurance training also has a positive effect on the heart and it promotes coordination.

However, be careful if you have a knee or hip problem, since the shock movements during jumping can have a negative effect on the joints.

Make sure you land as gently as possible. Even the right footwear can support the jumps.


Whether you’re a beginner or a professional trainer, incorporate these short workouts into your routine and boost fat burning!



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