Why is it So Hard to Lose?

Losing weight and diet are wearisome topics and most women have tried every form of diet known, have read every weight loss article but still have a bunch of questions unanswered.

Skinny jeans still don’t fit, weighing scales still tip to the higher number, and counting calories still don’t make any sense!


How come you’ve followed every step on your “How to Lose Weight” guide but still haven’t seen any significant difference?

Well, we’ve collected THE most important questions and ANSWERS about losing weight to help you succeed in your weight loss plan.


Top Weight Loss Questions Answered

1Why is it easy to lose in the beginning?

The first few weeks of dieting are always the most satisfying! We can almost see the calories melt away.

Why is this?

Because WATER.

At the start the body first removes the energy reserves of carbohydrates and protein. After a few days, the body learns to get rid of energy out of the fat storage which takes a while longer.

On average, it is said that you need to save about 7,000 kcal per kilogram of fat.

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2I’m plateauing, why is this happening?

In the beginning, the pounds fall off even with less work and then abruptly stops.

This is normal but truly frustrating.

To resolve this, maintain your metabolism’s momentum by eating a a little more than usual or change your workout routine.

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3What is the realistic weight lost per week?

Although many people think that 7lbs in seven days is ideal, the body should not go through that much stress to attain that.

Half a kilogram per week is a goal anyone can do.

Because in order to achieve that, you can still eat enough to feel satisfied and be nourished with all the required nutrients.

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4Which sport is the fastest to lose weight with?

No matter what sport you do, you CAN lose weight. However, there are sports that are more effective for weight loss.

For example, endurance sports such as boxing and swimming, may leave you out of breath but will burn fat quickly.

An hour of aerobics or 45 minutes of walking is great, too.

Make sure to get at least 45 minutes of endurance sports 3x a week for effective fat burning.

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5Which foods can I EAT during a diet?

You can eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING while on a diet.

But of course, there are foods that you can replace because they are low in calories and have more nutrients.

Vegetables, whether raw or cooked, and fruits are the best.

However, fruits have a higher content of fructose and should not be eaten more than 3 servings a day.

Brown rice, potatoes, wholegrain bread and whole meal pasta are also good for losing weight. They contain low calories, but rich in fiber which will make you full for a long time.

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6Which foods to AVOID during a diet?

NOTHING. There are no restrictions.

However, it depends on the right amount. If you want to eat chocolates, limit yourself to one bar a day only.

Cake, fast food or chips–treat yourself to these every now and then. But pay attention to how much you’re eating then eat a little less in your next meal.

Alcohol may be enjoyed too but with caution because alcohol has lots of calories, inhibits fat loss and stimulates craving for greasy food.

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7I want to LOSE 4 pounds before the weekend, is it POSSIBLE?

Wouldn’t anyone want to lose that much, that fast?

Though getting rid of 4 pounds for a party on Saturday may be drastic, it is feasible.

If you start on Monday and eat a maximum of 1200 kcal throughout the week, it could work.

However, rapid weight loss is not recommended. Like we mentioned in number 1, the weight you’ll lose is just water and you’ll have it back the following week.

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8I’ve gained back what I’ve lost twice as fast–HELP!

For a week or two you lived on cabbage soup, salad and rice and lost a few pounds. But after a short time, you’re feeling heavy on the hips again.

This is what we call the yo-yo effect.

It happens when you eat less and lose within a short time and gain it back in a short time too.

During diet, the body turns on a low flame and burns as little energy as possible. If you eat normally again after dieting, the body functions normally and is happy.

The body realizes that there is more food coming, puts them in storage and burns them normally.

Instead of going on a lightning diet, lose weight slowly and make permanent changes in your daily meals to succeed.

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9I want to lose, why do I NEED to eat?

During your weight loss phase, your body has learned to feed on healthier foods.

You now prefer to cook for yourself instead of buying fast food and you no longer crave chips and chocolates.

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10Which is better–low fat or low carb?

Neither. It DOES NOT matter.

If you eat less than you consume, weight loss will be automatic. No matter if it’s low fat or low carbs.

Studies have shown that it’s easier to lose weight with a protein-rich diet, because protein makes you feel full longer than carbohydrates.

To find balance on both, REFRAIN from high-fat foods such as cream, sweets and chips.

That’s a GUARANTEE you’ll lose weight!

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