Top Motivation Tips for Weight Loss

You can stay motivated through your weight loss journey by rewarding yourself with what you like doing best–not with food.

That’s right! Find enjoyment in activities you like to do.

For instance, men may enjoy an uninterrupted video game or fishing with his buddies. While women may go on a shopping adventure or spend an afternoon in the spa with her girlfriends.


15 Ways to Keep Motivated in Losing Weight

Tip 1: Stay relaxed and realistic!

In the beginning of training, you need to give your body time to develop. Don’t expect to see significant results in 1-2 months.

Always think in small steps and goals.

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Tip 2: Track your training goals!

Set yourself realistic long-term, but also manageable short-term goals; main and secondary goals you want to achieve.

Write down your goals! For example, if there is a certain body weight you want to reach, write down the number of pull-ups you need to do, the number of miles you need to run to achieve this goal, etc.

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Tip 3: Record your achievements!

When you have reached your goal, it is great to record the hard-earned results of your exercise programs.

When you can see exactly what you have achieved, it will motivate you to work harder.



Tip 4: Work as hard as you did in the beginning

Don’t lose your focus. Maintain your momentum all throughout training.

It will be a struggle at first but each day will get better.

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Tip 5: Try different training methods

When training becomes a routine, it starts to get boring and you’ll lose interest and focus.

The same training when done repeatedly will not bring great results.

Start changing your equipment, varying your exercises, increasing weights, and switching exercise programs. This will always give your body new stimuli and you will regain motivation.

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Tip 6: Communicate with local trainers as often as you can

This will help put new perspective in your routine.

You can work with your trainer on how to improve your training. He or she can show you new exercises and help you overcome downtime woes.

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Tip 7: Set fixed training times!

Schedule your workout for specific days of the week and certain times of the day to make it easier to get into the habit and routine.

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Tip 8: If possible, train in the morning!

When training is done in the morning, you will feel great the rest of the day no matter how bad the day might be.


Tip 9: Find a training spot close by

If you take a half hour bus or train ride just to get to the gym, then you are most likely to lose interest and motivation to continue training.

Find a gym close to where you work or live so you don’t have to spend a long time getting there.

So, you can also drop in any time of the day whenever you feel like it.


Tip 10: Find a training partner!

Couples make training more fun. Your motivation will come from each other.

It will be really hard to make up an excuse not to train when you’re training with your partner.


Tip 11: Train no matter how short it might be

If you have little time or no desire to train for a day, try to make a compromise with yourself.

Just do a 20-minute workout.

In this way, you can still maintain your performance and avoid the disadvantages of starting a new training from the beginning.

A 10-, 15-, 20-minute workout is better than no workout at all and often the desire for a complete workout will come after 15-20 minutes.

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Tip 12: Treat yourself regularly!

Treat yourself to something special when you have reached a milestone.

Show yourself appreciation for persevering. If you don’t feel like training, think about what you can do or eat after training.

This is often a good motivation for the future.

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Tip 13: Keep learning!

The greater your knowledge of training, sports, body, nutrition, the more enjoyable the training and the more responsibility you take for your own well-being.


Tip 14: Be proud of yourself!

If you have lost three kilos, take a dumbbell in your hand and imagine that you struggled to lift that over your shoulder at the beginning of training.

Now, it’s nothing. Take great pleasure in that!


Tip 15: Persevere!

With any challenge or circumstance in life, it’s always easier to get up and give up.

But after that comes regret.

So, don’t fret, work it out! Don’t avoid the problems of everyday life, face them head on.

As you would face your workout routine, full of life, energy and positivity!

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